Our Vision, Our Mission, & Who We Are

Our Vision,
Our Mission,
& Who We Are

TouchPointe Marriage and Family Resources was founded as a non-profit, 501(c)(3) corporation in the Spring of 2010 by Dan & Barb Humphrey. Both are retired educators with a combined total of 65 years in the public school system. Because of their experiences in education, they have seen first hand some of the issues that face families and cause brokenness in the home.

Our Vision

  • To strengthen the quality of life in our community by working to improve relational health of individuals and families through trained educators and Allies.
  • To guide people to needed resources so they might have hope as they become self-sustaining members of the community.
  • To provide a safe, substance free environment for the people being served.

Our Mission Statement

Touching the Lives of People,
Offering Hope for the Hurting.

Who We Are

TouchPointe is a faith-based, non-profit organization dedicated to meet people where they are in life.